Build amazing products, better and faster

Expression helps teams to build, launch, and maintain amazing digital experiences together.

By developers for developers

In Expression developers can efficiently write and execute code in a collaborative workspace that features code versioning, seamless Git integration, and a marketplace that lets you share your work seamlessly across projects and clients.

With the power of a built-in headless CMS, full eCommerce framework, and a fully extensible and documented RESTful API, the possibilities are endless.

Expression empowers marketers to build amazing customer experiences that integrate seamlessly with their favourite 3rd party tools.

Expression gives marketers powerful workflows to build engaging user experiences, including seamless integration to all your favourite marketing and analytics applications.  It gives you the freedom to really push your ideas, all within an agile framework that empowers developers and creatives alike to work together in harmony.   Best of all, Expression lets you take your best work with you from project to project, freeing you to build on your best ideas and starting where you left off.

Expression gives agencies the tools, workflows, and technology to build and run a digital powerhouse.

Got the chops for great strategy, marketing, and creative but  struggle with managing the tech?  Expression was forged in agency life to make digital projects shine from start to finish. Reduce costs, optimize your workflow, and easily manage unlimited clients and digital projects. 

Expression delivers the firepower to deliver on any client need, all within a unified workflow that empowers every member of your team, while ensuring that you're always on the cutting edge of tech.


Everything you need in one place

Expression is a unified framework, meaning you get everything you need on one seamless stack that brings developers and marketers together in one place.

With Expression Cloud You Get

The freedom and flexibility to build amazing digital products and experiences on a full stack that delivers enterprise-grade tools and functionality, with almost zero time to first value.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Built on AWS, Expression is a high performance enterprise-grade SaaS that features load balancing, autoscaling, and built in CDN.


Fully Managed & Updated

Build your perfect product without having to worry about patches or performance.  We ensure you're always up and running with the latest and greatest.

Always Secure

Build with confidence knowing your data and work is secure, and that Expression is backed up daily.

Powerful Tools & Analytics

Powerful content/developer workflows coupled with clear visibility of user and customer activity, mean you're always in the know.

Low Cost

Expression's architecture and workflow let you develop products faster, at a fraction of the cost of running your own hosted solution.


Entire Solution

Expression's unified workflow and development stack bring IDE, CMS, and Digital Commerce together in one solution.  

Love beautiful syntax?

Expression is for everyone in the web development ecosystem involved in conceiving, designing, building, and managing web sites and applications over time. Its power lies in its elegant and cohesive approach to building sustainable digital assets while bringing people together in the process.

The UX of Champions

Gone are the days when the display layer and user experience are at odds with the business end of things.  Expression's unique architecture extends from its core all the way to the display layer, giving front-end developers easy access to everything under the hood, no matter how complex.  Seamlessly mix marketing content, eCommerce, custom functionality and third party applications into a rich and engaging user experience that fires on all cylinders



The Glue that Binds

Expression's feature-rich interface gives you unparalleled visibility into your clients and online projects, including site and content management, eCommerce, and full source code access.  It's everything in one place, beautifully organized into streamlined workflows that result in beautiful online experiences for you and your clients.


Expose Yourself. Or Not!

Expression is built on a full featured, documented, and extensible API at its core. Easily integrate any of your projects with REST and SOAP endpoints, or slice and dice your data any way you see fit.  Take advantage of the open web like never before, and unlock unlimited potential by consuming your data from everywhere, anytime.

1, 2, 3 Thousand

Expression is cloud-based and provisioned on a per site basis for any development need.  Start small and effortlessly scale into dedicated multi-site, multi-client Business or Enterprise setups. Plus, you’ll always be on the latest version, which means you'll never have to do that pesky feature upgrade dance again! 

We can’t wait to see what you build!