Wire up the web with us!

Welcome to Expression - the best way to wire up the web! As an early adopter Expression is totally free. We’re really excited to start a conversation with you, get your feedback on Expression, and see what you build using our platform. We really think you’re going to love it!


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About the community

This community is dedicated to support new adopters of Expression who have signed up for a free trial and interested in testing our platform. This channel is monitored by our core developers who are dedicated to help you get up and running fast on Expression. They are located mostly in Vancouver, BC (Pacific time zone, GMT-7) and Greece (Eastern European, GMT+3). Responses may be delayed outside of office hours covered by our team. We don’t allow for any harmful or discriminating behavior and any member in violation will be expelled from the community.

*If you are an existing Backbone Technology client using Expression, please send in your request through the support channels defined in your ongoing support agreement.


For additional support about Expression, please reach out to support@expression.cloud. For sales inquiries, customized domain or help with adopting Expression for production purposes, please contact sales@expression.cloud.