Expression Elements

Visual Building Blocks

Bespoke workspaces for HTML, JS, and CSS, Expression Elements connect the front end to all your data and business logic. They feature a familiar developer UX, a Handlebars approach to display logic, and the ability to locally bind data into easy-to-consume Expression Tags and Tag Sources.

Expression Tag Sources

Abstracta Cadabra

Simplify your data objects for use in the render layer.  Use Tag Sources to mine contextual information from any API using simple JSON configuration files, then use that data as abstracted Tags in Expression's Elements via handlebar inspired templating.

Server-Side Javascript

Business logic where it belongs

Where it should be, right at your fingertips.  Use SSJS to customize your application, or build it out from scratch.  Utilize pre and post API execution hooks, API overrides, as well as your favorite utility libraries to get the results you need, faster than you've ever dreamed of.


Nothing’s holding you back. Expression is built on a powerful, extensible RESTful API
How It Works Detail:
Imagine the flexibility of a graph-based API, combined with the power and data-integrity of traditional Relational data
Save time integrating your project’s backend systems. RESTful API is lighter and easier to understand making for smooth external integrations
Cut out redundant work with an efficient workflow that allows for simplified calls with options to combine Hydration and Filtration requests


Expression Bundles

Bundles allow you to aggregate and collect code into a unified and portable container that works anywhere across the Expression ecosystem.  They are editable and designed with versioning and code control workflows.  Use Bundles to accelerate the creation of new projects by efficiently reusing your code, or enhance existing ones as you continually evolve your codebase.  Bundles also feature branching modes so that you never have to worry about breaking a site again.  Expression Bundles is where the magic happens and what makes Expression truly unique.

Server Side JavaScript (SSJS)

Expression Server Side Javascript framework offers a  powerful language that runs on the server. It enables developers to write complex business logic while eliminating the security and performance threats associated with writing executable code.  Freely write and efficiently execute code in a collaborative workspace where you can effortlessly process and manipulate data and display.  With unparalleled speed, Expression SSJS makes it possible to build applications right out of the gates with no compromise on technology and approach.

Debugging and Logging

Nobody’s perfect, but Expression gives you the tools that make your work seem flawless.  Keep track of any SSJS errors with the SSJS log, or log your own data with XprConsole and ensure your project is working perfectly at run-time. Track, log, dump and trace all your actions without leaving the development environment, and ensure that you go live with the perfect digital experience.

Browser-Based IDE

Expression’s extensive and powerful IDE gives you the serious tools you need to develop, test, and launch complex web based applications.  Directly integrated into the Expression API and third party libraries, it features autocomplete on variables and functions, as well as the use of Handlebars.  Confidently develop and run code in Developer Mode, as well as collaborate in real time with other team members.   It boasts seamless versioning functionality, effortless integration with GIT, as well as a unique and efficient workflow that empowers multiple users to simultaneously develop, debug, version, and launch great work together.

Managed Infrastructure

Expression is a Framework as a Service (FaaS) with its primary focus on providing complete peace of mind and freedom from infrastructure headaches.  Expression allows you to focus on creating extraordinary web experiences without having to worry about managing servers, server load and other challenges related to solid infrastructure.  Our network is distributed globally guaranteeing no single point of failure, it responds and scales automatically, and is always updated with the latest security and OS patches. 


For International sites, Expression allows you to create Sections and Articles in different languages. The Site Developer has control over when and where on the site content is translated to allow a mix and match of boilerplate content and internationalized content if required. Translate and specialized Titles, Content and URLs for as many languages as you need.

Dynamic Data Models

As site requirements change, so do your data needs, and Expression has you covered.  All of Expression’s base models can be enhanced with additional Custom Fields, ranging from text and numeric types to images and collections of other objects - No code or data migrations required! Enhance or alter the behaviour of core APIs with Extension Modules and API Hooks - automating your objects and bringing your data to life.

When you need something completely outside the box, dive into Custom Objects. Fully express completely custom data models in a simple javascript file, and Expression will automatically create and manage your database backend. Best of all, talk to your Data Models using the same great REST API interface as native objects, including full filtration and hydration support, automatic caching and native integration with the rest of the Expression stack.

Native eCommerce

The same goes for Expression’s full featured eCommerce engine that is integrated seamlessly into all the same workflows.  Built primarily for flexibility and efficiency, it is a beautifully architected, API-driven eCommerce framework that was designed to go toe to toe with the best solutions out there.

More Features at a Glance

API Resources

In-platform interactive API resources that deliver benefits when exploring custom fields and dynamic data objects, as well as interfaces to build and test queries, helping you write and test SSJS and associated datasources.

External API Adapters

Expression API adapters allow  you to easily bind external REST APIs to Expression, as well as mix and match data from other backend systems into native objects.

Ecommerce APIs

Expression includes extensive built-in eCommerce APIs out of the box, freeing you to build abstracted eBusiness solutions that can easily scale to multi device/technology ecosystems.

Global Configuration

Flexible configuration of global variables, behaviors and settings for use in SSJS and Expressions render layer.

Reusable Code

Easily port your Bundles between your Expression instances with a simple token.

Branching Code

Work on code with confidence in Expression’s Development branch, and easily merge changes to Master when you’re ready to go live. 


User defined adapters which communicate to internal or external APIs.  Set it once and forget it.

Editor Autocomplete

Autocomplete of variables, functions, etc., just like a desktop IDE

Squash those nasty bugs in your code and speed up pages using Expression's built in trace and profiler tools, or browse the SSJS Exception Log and get the diagnostics to solve stuff fast.

Use Expression Pre and Post Handlers to create custom forms with built-in validation, submission tracking, and handy JSON-based storage to get your data where you want it.  

Got some Element markup in trouble? Use Expression's Search and Replace tool to easily find and fix every instance, with diff and syntax highlighting, plus previews of your changes.

C'mon build something